botanical castings

by the lentils




released July 15, 2016

botanical castings is a swim spot in southern vermont. the lentils is mostly luke csehak but nehemiah saint-danger plays bass on 1, 3, 8, and 9. gracie jackson sings and plays guitar on 3, 6, and 8. peter nichols plays drums on 9. danny bissette plays some mouth guitar thing on 3. jeremiah crompton wrote the line, "i deserve every joint in the world," lettuce appears throughout.


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the lentils Los Angeles, California

The Lentils aren't like all the other bands. We always give you everything. We know your heart is on the line and we're gonna do the right thing. Relax, The Lentils are gonna be there for you when you need them.

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Track Name: the song that ruined my life
i remember it so clearly
i even remember what i had fr lunch
the day i heard the song that ruined my life

now every time i see my stereo
it's like human food to a dog
i just gotta have that song ringin in my ears

well i heard it on a monday
and by friday i would loose all control
tell the drunk umpire he can have my room

how could i know what it would do to me?
it was just a rock song after all
but ever since the day when i listened to that song
i've never been the same

well it started on a g chord
but it would end on my demise
tell my little sister she can have my drums

i put the song on repeat
until i couldn't recognise my own face
tell the fat cheerleader that she broke my heart

i put my other records in storage
i said who knows i might need these some time
but who'd i think i was kiddin, they would never suffice
Track Name: another placebo please
of the two vice presidents
well i musta been the worst
i never zipped up my fly
i never went to work on time
and i fired my administration

i need another placebo
i kinda wish i had a second chance
but i would take a placebo
cause i have seen too much evil in this lifetime

of the two pseudo-scientists
i musta done the most drugs
well my theories were fine
but i could never just decide
if i should tellem to the tv station
Track Name: the heart is a lonely mangler
i'd rather not be the perfect guy
i'd rather not leave my bed
but the heart is a monster
and it must be fed

i'd rather not have to huff the tomb
i'd rather not touch the ground
but the heart is the searcher
that is never found

i'd rather not taste the photograph
i'd rather not get wet feet
but the heart is a river
and who knows how deep

i'd rather not have to do or die
i'd rather not have to char
but the heart is an archer
never misses it's mark

i'd rather not have to fall apart
i'd rather not be destroyed
but the heart is an asshole
and it's paranoid

a season invented
a season inside
a delicate gender
a delicate crime

but i gotta get back to my secret body
i gotta fill every limb with light
there is a vapor of green hovers over the river
as the river flows down my spine

i got an ocean of wanting
behind my eyes
a delicate plunder
a delicate prize
Track Name: hair-brained schemes align
hair-brained schemes align
open up yr hands
cause i deserve every joint in the world
and i don't wanna go home
cause only the real thing hurts

where did the human heart
learn to suck so much?
and why can't i admit
that my philosophy is fucked?
and why does everyone debunk
what only the true punks know?

but why did the tambourine lie?
and how many drugs did it take to come true?

hair-brained schemes align
for once in my life
cause i've got a different face
that i'd like to try
and why does no one suspect
the ticking behind the eyes

pillows of the world unite and
conquer the human race
won't you let every ear hear
that there is no escape
and why is no one concerned
with the music of no return

but why did the tambourine care?
and how many lies does it take to unwind?
Track Name: babylon in the basement
the demonstration of the babylon in the basement
really caught me by surprise
the exploitation of some young drunk constellation
never could get the neighbor's hearts to sympathize

they left their ethos and their theory of the zero
underneath the bathroom sink
and still it haunts me every morning when i go joggin
and the neighbors all look at me like i'm seeing things

a babylon was found in my salad
someone call the cops and tellem i died
and someone hit the lights
cause i'm naked and
i'm only made of circles and squares
and i don't have to care
about the practice bloom
cause everybody knows by now
where i come from

i think it's funny that the blind think the sun eats
only what it cannot find
while science tells us that the heavens are still jealous
of the smells and textures of the human mind

a babylon was found in the basement
someone call my mom and tell her i'm fried
and i don't have to try to be finite
cause every now and then i question the craze
cause i don't wanna flake on my 7th house
cause everybody nails the bloom
where i come from
Track Name: sunday's jammers
sunday's jammers might forget their names
but still i wouldn't face up
to a pocket full of blame

the smell of your trumpet still tortures my room
but i just wanna get some sleep
i don't wanna know the truth

but one of these days i won't pretend

well the rappers might freeze and the raphaelites might melt
but still i wouldn't have the balls
to be honest with myself

i think the birds should shut up and go back to bed
cause i'm listening to the rolling stones
and i don't want that backbeat to ever end

but one of these days i won't pretend

one of these days i'm gonna question my movies
one of these days i'm gonna get my shit together
and learn to put up my hands

maybe we could meet up in a year or two
and maybe i'd be kinder
and maybe you'd be too

but by then my sense of timing might be too obscure
and my arms too full of memories
of the living room floor

but one of these days i won't pretend

seems the reason for my pleasure is the reason for my pain
but my memory sucks
and i don't think i'll ever change

but i broke my last mirror seven years ago today
and my hands are feeling hectic
like the rhythm might just be saved

but one of these days i won't pretend
Track Name: local sports team drama
let the bears in the backseat clutter up their minds
with the things of this world
and let my picture repose
with your proof of insurance

and if a public defender came around to your house
just to ask about me
would you tellem my secrets?
would you tellem what the umpire said?

and how would you answer?
what would you say?
would you tellem how i rigged the rescue?
would you tellem how i lost my hands?

and do you think they'd believe you?
do you think they'd really care
why i been playin for the local sports team
but i been routin for the other side?

and if you ever go back to the movies
now you better hope that i'm wrong
and that i've been mislead
by my insistence on the perfect bloom

and i would like to take a second
just to say my peace
and i'll go back to my trance
i am a normal guy
and i only tell normal lies

nothing to see here
no nothing to see
i'm just a member of the local sports team
but i can never figure out where i'm from

why am i so beastly?
why am i so full of holes?
i'll give you till a week past tuesday
and you better figure out where i'm from
Track Name: mama's boy
i am a mama's boy

sister sally would like a little less reality
she looked at me and she painted my pain
mama never said it would be easy
to take apart daddy's machine
but the piper at the rest stop
doesn't have to be so far from reach

mama didn't raise no DJ
to waste away in some magazine
mama didn't raise no pumpkin pie
so I could cover my life in whipped cream
someone take me back to minnesota
where nothing ever touches me

brother billy would like a little less sobriety
he threw his cell phone at the life-gaurd's tower
mama never said it would be easy
to deconstruct daddy's room
but the life-guard's whistle
doesn't have to blow so cruel

mama didn't raise no hemingway
to waste away in some coral reef
mama didn't raise no rice-cake
so i crumble at the lifeguard's feet
sorry that i stole your favorite color
and i never even read your zine
Track Name: the heckler
i think it's harder
to unperfect the gesture
i think yr daughter's
should not regret the heckler

although that hothead
would not let up on my cuticles
he was the only one
to make it to my funeral

my friend the heckler haas an ocean in his room
i once knew a spell that made him split in two
but i couldn't memorize the words

the hecklers sandals
are all unloved and mangled
his yankee candles
are not all that newfangled

i think your daughters
should give back the hecklers glasses
after all this a praxis
so get up off your asses

i never told him how he broke my little heart
i wrote a song for him with 700 parts
but he couldn't comprehend a word

i'm so happy to meet you
and do you wanna wash my fishes
i gave my hands to the actress
playing on the television
and now i'll cry until i'm 45
cause i never got to take up boxing
Track Name: the placebo effect
if my gem tactics are correct
then every finger is forgiven
with the placebo effect

well it might take my whole life
but i'll tear a meat from a shadow
with that placebo effect

the placebo effect waits
where you never expect
with the placebo effect
you'll never have to touch the bed again

i'll never understand why
a million hands stand uncurated
and they wait up for the worm

in another million years
when human kind is perfected
we'll all live in a state of placebo

all alone with the oranges
and a mirror without end
just me and my BFF, the placebo effect

you could fill me up with salt
and numberless affections
but it won't do me any good

but i will still swim in fear
of the oranges in the mattress
without my placebo effect
Track Name: gentlemen prefer to be misinterpreted
i remember that young green sound
and midnights without warning
i remember that cream
that you stole from my home

but if i should have known
before i first strummed
what the guitar would do to my life

i would have set my hands on fire
and to the dogs would have gone my ears

but it's all right
just leave me here lost in the woods
where it's never felt so good
to be so misunderstood

one last time

i remember the days we sank
and the summers unprotected
i remember that soft spoil falling down like rain

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