my pillow lava, part negative one: legitimate ASMR

by the lentils



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released April 2, 2016


all rights reserved



the lentils Los Angeles, California

The Lentils aren't like all the other bands. We always give you everything. We know your heart is on the line and we're gonna do the right thing. Relax, The Lentils are gonna be there for you when you need them.

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Track Name: 02. the foam's game
i set the reverb and i took out my ocean
i put my microphone on the wave
but i never found out if i was the bather or the bathed

i got a brand new secret submission
and it happens once every day
you better take my lips, you better sendem to the FDA

there's no dandelion in my computer
that'll take me to the razor's edge
you better steal my books, you better take my pencils and pens

i'm turnin back into a negative number
and i'm fillin my mouth with pearls
you better take my eyes and sendem back to the FBI

I gotta get rid of my information
gimme that space between

now i'm the sorta guy that's always catchin his mirrors
burning up in the other room
you gotta catchem quick, you gotta catchem while they're still in bloom

i gotta million shiny explainations
that'll never hold up in court
they're bound to hear those 40 stolen cornucopias under the porch

i gotta million dollar paid vacation
but i never wanna leave my room
i got a wave up there that'll split you right in two

no one gets a second chance at perfection
you better get the wave in the song
i guess i shoulda known it was the foam's game all along

i gotta get rid of my expectations
gimme that bass relief

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